1. The Dos and Don’ts of Moving

    What to Do When Moving Hey everyone! Welcome back to the West Tennessee Moving & Storage blog. In our last post, we discussed some of the ways to make the cross-country moving process much more affordable. Today, we’re going to chat about some of the dos and the don’ts of moving associated with any type of move. Whether you’re moving down the road or a thousand and a half miles away, the…Read More

  2. How to Affordably Move Across the Country

    Our Favorite Tips and Tricks to Get You Moved Across the Country with Ease The United States is anything but small—a trait that makes it an amazing and wonderful country to either live in or visit. Unfortunately, if one were to make the decision to move to a separate region of the country, they’d likely be met with the difficulties that the thousands of miles of sprawling landscape might pose …Read More

  3. How Moving Companies Get You, Part 2

    In our previous blog, we extensively discussed how ambiguous assurances, loaded contracts, and overall bamboozling tactics are employed by many moving companies to “get you.” Today, we’ll contrast a couple more points to the way that the caring, dedicated team at West Tennessee Moving and Storage actually gets you and your family. Behind the Curtain: Looking at the Marketing Tactics of Reloc…Read More

  4. How Moving Companies Get You, Part 1

    There are two types of moving companies and, oddly enough, both of them will try to “get you.” At West Tennessee Moving & Storage, we try to “get you” by understanding your relocation needs and using that knowledge of your unique situation to go above and beyond your expectations for what a moving company with integrity is and truly can be. Other moving companies in the Jackson area an…Read More

  5. Don’t Trust “Climate-Proof” Moving Containers

    We’ve all seen the large shipping and storage containers outside of a home or business nearby and wondered if these containers are actually protecting the possessions inside. Well, if you’re relying on the protection offered by one of these containers during a scorching Tennessee summer, then you may be disappointed. How Storage Containers Can Scorch Your Stuff It should be obvious, but people…Read More

  6. Timing Your Move During Spring

    Spring and early summer see most of the moves that happen during the year. If you’re planning to uproot your family this year, here are some helpful things to consider for your moving considerations. Is Moving During Spring Best for You? As the title indicates, moving during the spring may not be best for everyone. There are a few key things to think about when you’re considering a move during…Read More

  7. Thinking Like a Mover

    When a mover looks at a piece of furniture, they see how it would fit into a doorway before they notice the color or feel in a particular room. This may seem like a curse, but it can be a blessing when you go to load things into your home and realize they may not fit. Sometimes, thinking like a mover has its perks. Don’t Buy Blindly, Plan Ahead! Whenever you’re planning to add something into y…Read More

  8. Making Your New House Feel Like Home

    Moving is tough. It can be especially challenging to find that “home” feeling in a new house, even if it is the home of your dreams. Even if you are adapting to your new house with the bottled excitement that comes from owning a fantastic new home, the rest of the family may need some encouragement to get to that same level of enthusiasm. Home is Where the Heart Is (With a Little Help) It may …Read More

  9. Moving In A Hurry

    Nobody ever said that moving was convenient. In fact, many people would probably boldly claim the opposite to be true. Even the smoothest, best planned moves tend to involve more stress than the average day-to-day grind. This stress can quickly balloon if you have to move on short notice. How To Jump-Start Your Move The preparation for a sudden move differ somewhat drastically from a well-planned …Read More

  10. Upgrading the Office

    The decision to move your office, even a short distance, is a huge one. The repercussions of a poorly executed office move can follow you for months, while an effective shift can be a strategic transition that gives your business the space it needs to grow. Navigating the decision to move the office should be done carefully, here are our tips: Analyze the Payoff Before you can even begin to seriou…Read More