In the event that you need to move your family across town, at first you may think you can handle the job without the help of a moving company. You could rent a moving truck, start collecting boxes from groceries and local businesses for packing, and that’s just the beginning before it gets really stressful. However, hiring local movers can make the crosstown move much less stressful. At West Tennessee Moving & Storage, we have over 15 years of packing and moving experience, and our professional and well-trained moving experts can help you move locally while eliminating the stress. Plus, with our 100% price guarantee, there will be no surprises at the end of the day.

From Our Moving Truck To Your New Home

At West Tennessee Moving & Storage, we only move one family per moving truck, which means you will never have to worry about having your belongings mixed up with another family. Plus, our trained movers and packers will take your possessions directly to your new home which means faster delivery. Additionally, we offer replacement value insurance coverage on every move at no extra cost. With no deductibles and no hassles, our moving company will gladly repair or replace any property damaged due to our negligence. Our priority is to ease your mind and remove your stress while we handle all the logistics and heavy lifting of moving locally.

When you need a local moving company that you can trust, contact West Tennessee Moving & Storage in either our Paris or Jackson locations to help your family make the move across town or call 731-325-5967 today.